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In July I had the privilege of traveling to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a wedding. Of course I had to bring my free spirit, travel expert, friend Jessica! It was both of our first time staying in Colorado so of course we dedicated a day for photos. One of our spots happened to be Pikes Peak, which by the way.. took us HOURS to reach the top and I may or may not have had a panic attack from the height and basically driving cliff side 14,000ft in the air. BUT we did get some killer shots as shown below of Jess in the denim skirt. We then ended the night at Garden of the Gods. Those gorgeous shots of Jess below in the black dress are definitely some of my favorite portraits to date but it was such a funny situation because during these photos there were TONS of people walking around us. Trying to remain serious and shout out pose directions while a crowd of tourists flood in between was not ideal but the end result was worth it!

Enjoy some portraits of Jess and I from such a special trip!

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